New Sail has received tens of millions of angel round financing, and mass production of domestically produced high-performance TEC applications in multiple fields is imminent

Release time:2023-12-18

Hard Krypton learned that domestic high-performance TEC manufacturer "New Sail Technology" has recently completed tens of millions of angel round financing, with exclusive investment from Atomic Venture Capital. This round of financing funds will be used for capacity expansion and market development.

New Sail Technology was established in 2021. Relying on the State Key Laboratory of New Material Composite Technology of Wuhan University of Technology, the team has realized the self research of micro TEC from materials, moduls to systems in the whole stack. The products have passed the verification of domestic leading customers in the fields of optical communication, infrared detection, etc., and multiple application scenarios will be supplied in batches soon.TEC, also known as Thermoelectric Cooling Modules, is a key solution for achieving precise temperature control in precision devices in fields such as optical communication, industrial lasers, and infrared detection. TEC utilizes the Peltier effect of semiconductor thermoelectric materials to achieve precise temperature control by changing the magnitude and direction of the working current, and has advantages such as no refrigerant, small size, no noise, fast response, and reliable performance.

Taking the field of optical communication as an example, the temperature changes of laser chips directly correspond to the changes in laser emission wavelength and power. On the other hand, TEC, which is closely attached to the chip, precisely controls the temperature through active heating and heating to ensure the stability of laser emission wavelength and power, achieving higher safety and even longer service life. At the same time, this field also has high requirements for the size, temperature control ability, and power consumption of TECs.

However, there is still a certain gap in China's micro TEC (Micro TEC) products that meet the requirements of optical communication and other fields. According to research reports from Everbright Securities, Japanese companies such as Yamato and Komatsu, as well as some American companies, hold over 95% of the global TEC market share; In the field of optical modules alone, the global TEC market space will reach 2.6-35 billion rmb in 2023.

The core technological barriers of Micro TEC mainly include thermoelectric materials and packaging processes, and the previous technology and scale production level in China still cannot meet the corresponding requirements. In this regard, New Sail has achieved breakthroughs in high-performance thermoelectric materials and automatic packaging technology.

In terms of materials, the thermoelectric performance, mechanical strength, and consistency of the core material of TEC, bismuth telluride (Bi₂Te₃) based thermoelectric materials, determine the refrigeration performance, production yield, service life, and other indicators of TEC modules.

Based on years of scientific research and practical experience, the New Sail team utilizes a combination of melt spinning, self propagating combustion synthesis, and hot extrusion processes to prepare high-quality bismuth telluride based thermoelectric materials. Its material products have higher thermal and electrical performance advantages and strength, which can meet the production needs of Micro TEC modules.

In the process of device assembly, traditional TEC production still relies mainly on manual operation, which makes it difficult to accurately identify thermoelectric particle defects and may also lead to a decrease in product yield and performance.

In response to this, New Sail customizes and develops corresponding complete sets of production equipment, such as introducing image recognition and artificial intelligence judgment, accelerating the precise and efficient identification and automatic assembly of thermoelectric particles, greatly improving product consistency and quality.



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