Wuhan New Sail Technology Co.,Ltd.

 Wuhan New Sail Technology Co.,Ltd., established in September 2021 ,is located in the core area of China's Optical Valley , with its production and research center located in the new energy R & D base of the National University Science Park of Wuhan University of technology .

The company relies on the "State Key Laboratory of Materials Synthesis and Processing , Wuhan University of Technology" and "Wuhan Technology Transformation and Pilot Test Platform for Semiconductor Thermoelectric Chip "and gather industry talents and continuously improve product innovation and iteration capabilities.

Our company focused on providing customers with semiconductor thermoelectric TEC materials , modules and system solutions. At present,the company has more than 3000 square meters of modern R&D center ,production facilities ,and office space , and a world-class fully-automatic production line has built for high-performance TEC modules.The products are mainly used in fields such as optical communication, intelligent driving, aerospace, automotive electronics, industrial lasers, infrared detection, semiconductor manufacturing, biomedicine, etc.


Enterprise culture

Enterprise Mission

Become a source of technological innovation in the field of semiconductor thermoelectric, providing the industry with excellent semiconductor thermoelectric TEC materials, devices and systems.

Enterprise concept

Bring together industry talents, innovation-driven enterprise development, high-quality products to serve the community

Corporate Vision

Innovation industry, service country

Patent Certificate

US 10,913,114
JP6219399 certificate
Method for ultra-fast preparation of thermoelectric material powder and device
An ultra-fast method for preparing n-type bismuth telluride-based high-performance thermoelectric materials
An ultra-fast method for preparing n-type bismuth telluride-based bulk thermoelectric materials
A method for quickly preparing high-performance Bisub2subTesub3sub-based thermoelectric materials that are easy to cut.
A method for rapid preparation of thermoelectric devices
A method of manufacturing micro-thermoelectric devices based on femtosecond laser technology.
Preparation of bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric components-invention