Building a thermal management technology exchange and supply and demand docking platform for "Optics Valley Manufacturing" to accelerate the localization of semiconductor thermoelectric devices

Release time:2023-11-06

On November 2nd, the 2023 "Optics Valley Manufacturing" series of activities - a special event for thermal management and packaging technology exchange and supply and demand docking in the field of optoelectronic information - was successfully held in the lecture hall of the Science and Technology Park of Wuhan University of Technology. At the event site, thermal management technology experts were specially invited to report on the research results of thermal management technology, attracting representatives from nearly 60 enterprises in the fields of optical communication, laser, integrated circuits, etc. from both inside and outside the area to participate in the event, with thousands of people watching online.



Leading technology urgently needs market validation and recognition

At present, Optics Valley has become the largest production base for fiber optic cables, optoelectronic devices, and laser equipment in the field of optical communication and laser in China. Optics Valley can provide a broad market for the use of semiconductor thermoelectric devices, "said a staff member from the Enterprise Service Bureau of the High tech Zone. Companies like Xinsaier in the high-tech zone have overcome the technical difficulties of semiconductor thermoelectric technology, even surpassing foreign competitors in corresponding technical parameters. They have independently developed products that have been put into production and have received small batch orders, which need to be recognized by the market. More markets are needed to complete localization verification and substitution. It is hoped that by holding this supply and demand docking event, the semiconductor thermoelectric industry in the zone can be further promoted up and down Establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with enterprises, accelerate the implementation and application promotion of semiconductor thermoelectric materials, devices, and system solutions in the optoelectronic information industry, break the monopoly of foreign semiconductor thermoelectric technology, and achieve independent and controllable core technologies.



The Inside and Outside of Thermal Management of Electronic Devices

Professor Yang Ronggui from the School of Energy and Power Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology was invited to give a technical exchange report. Professor Yang shared on the thermal transport issues and management challenges of high-power chips, the thermal transport mechanisms of chip materials and heterogeneous interfaces, as well as micro nano phase change heat transfer and thermal management technologies, providing new ideas for entrepreneurs and bringing a cutting-edge report on the latest development of thermal management technology.



Localization of semiconductor micro thermoelectric mudules is just around the corner

Yan Yonggao, a professor at the School of Materials at Wuhan University of Technology and the general manager of Wuhan New Sail Technology Co., Ltd., shared the research achievements in the design, preparation, and performance optimization of high-performance semiconductor thermoelectric materials over the past two decades, as well as the latest progress in the exploration and transformation of achievements in the manufacturing and application fields of semiconductor thermoelectric devices. At the same time, it also introduces New Sail Technology Co., Ltd. and its progress in the industrialization of micro thermoelectric chips.

Mr. Yan mentioned that semiconductor thermoelectric devices have important applications in various fields such as optical communication, infrared detection, industrial lasers, autonomous driving, the Internet of Things, biomedicine, and so on. According to authoritative predictions, the global semiconductor thermoelectric device market will reach 50 to 70 billion RMB by 2035. However, high-end micro thermoelectric mudules are almost completely monopolized by foreign countries, with domestic manufacturers having a market share of less than 5%. Nearly 80% of high-end micro thermoelectric mudules come from Japan, and Ferrotec Inc. alone accounts for nearly half of the market. At present, the vast majority of high-end micro thermoelectric devices for optoelectronic information enterprises in Optics Valley come from Daiwa Company in Japan.

Mr. Yan proudly said that New Sail Company's self-developed semiconductor thermoelectric modules have obtained authoritative testing and certification, and the material performance excellence, device temperature difference and other parameters have reached international leading levels. The power consumption of the micro thermoelectric modules developed by Xinsaier Company has decreased by 28% compared to Daiwa Thermomagnetic Company in Japan, and more importantly, the ones we produce. At present, the company has built a semiconductor thermoelectric TEC mudules production line with a first-class level of automation in China, which can achieve mass production. Welcome optoelectronic information companies from Optics Valley and related companies outside the region to verify the use of our products.



Progress in Packaging and Thermal Management of Infrared Detectors

Zhou Wenhong, Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Gaoxin Technology Co., Ltd., also gave a keynote report on the packaging and thermal management of infrared detectors. He provided a detailed introduction to the functions, product composition, working principles, packaging forms, characteristics, thermal management of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors, as well as an overview of the application status of TEC in infrared detectors. Based on the development trend of future infrared detectors, he proposed the application prospects of TEC in infrared detectors.



Accurate supply and demand docking reached intention cooperation on the spot

After sharing the theme report of thermal management technology experts, we entered the resource docking meeting for face-to-face communication between enterprises. The scene was very lively, and the entrepreneurs had a great exchange. Song Lei, the marketing director of New Sail Company, stated after the meeting that through a supply and demand docking activity such as "Optics Valley Manufacturing", many companies can be contacted at once, and more importantly, corresponding market procurement or R&D personnel from the other company can be contacted. This communication efficiency is very high. Mr. Song said that just on the spot of the event, five companies, including Accelink, HGTECH, Ruiaote, Rajian Laser, and Pascal Electronics, have expressed strong willingness to cooperate and have agreed on a time for further in-depth communication.



Mr. Yang Ming from the Development Department of Accelink also stated that through the "Optics Valley Manufacturing" activity and the integration with New Sail Techonlogy , we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of New Sail Techonlogy products. Accelink has also been working on the localization of core components. This time, we have reached a preliminary cooperation, and the next step is to enter the testing stage. After passing the testing, it will be directly applied to Accelink's products.


Visit the exhibition hall and production workshop of New Sail Company



Finally, everyone walked into the product exhibition hall and production workshop of New Sail Company together. Mr. Yan gave a detailed introduction to the overview, technical principles, application fields, and other aspects of New Sail Company and its pilot platform, answered everyone's concerns, and had an interactive exchange on site.

This event builds a platform for academic and industrial exchange and communication in the thermal management materials industry, strengthens the exchange and cooperation of cutting-edge technologies in the field of thermoelectric power, provides participants with the latest research progress and technical information on thermal management materials and technologies, aligns with the needs of the industrial chain, and promotes the high-quality development of high-tech zone industries. Since 2021, the Enterprise Service Bureau has organized and carried out a series of "Optics Valley Manufacturing" supply and demand docking activities for two consecutive years, serving more than 1500 high-tech zone enterprises, and docking 237 intended cooperation projects, helping enterprises obtain financing of over 100 million yuan. Optics Valley Manufacturing has had a certain influence and established a brand that connects supply and demand and serves enterprises. The Enterprise Service Bureau of Donghu High tech Zone will continue to deepen the role of "bridge and link", and through the "Optics Valley Manufacturing" series of activities, build a docking platform for the supply and demand of resources in the high-tech zone, providing more professional, personalized, and precise docking services for enterprises, and promoting high-quality development of enterprises.

This event is organized by the Enterprise Service and Key Project Promotion Bureau of Donghu New Technology Development Zone under the guidance of the Comprehensive Party Committee of the "Optical Core Screen End Network" New Generation Information Technology Industry Chain in Wuhan, and co organized by the Two New Work Committees of Donghu New Technology Development Zone. It is mainly organized by the Wuhan Optics Valley Optoelectronics Small and Medium Enterprise Industry Association, Wuhan New Sail  Technology Co., Ltd., and Wuhan China Optics Valley Laser Industry Association.



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