Wuhan New Sail ,debuts at CIOE China Light Expo

Release time:2023-09-08

From September 6 to September 8, 2023, the 24th CIOE China Light Fair was successfully concluded in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center! The total area of the exhibition is 240000 m², with 12 pavilions and 3000 enterprises participating. It is a comprehensive exhibition of photoelectric industry with great scale and influence. During the same period, the seven exhibitions covered communications, optics, laser, infrared, intelligent sensing, new display, optoelectronic innovation and other sections, bringing together international brands from the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Israel, Canada and other international brands to showcase the world's cutting-edge optoelectronic innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions for the optoelectronic industry and application fields.

Wuhan New Sail Technology debuted for the first time, and the products on display mainly focus on the miniature thermoelectric devices required in the optical communication module. Because of its small size, light weight and high stability, miniature thermoelectric devices are suitable for various low-power refrigeration or heating applications. Typical applications include cooling or heating of laser diodes, infrared devices, optoelectronics, electronic equipment, and other low-power devices.

Although it was the first time, it also attracted the attention of many viewers and peers.

The company relies on the “State Key Laboratory of Materials Synthesis and Processing , Wuhan University of Technology " and “Wuhan Technology Transformation and Pilot Test Platform for Semiconductor Thermoelectric Chip " and gather industry talents and continuously improve product innovation and iteration capabilities.Strive to become the source of technological innovation in the field of semiconductor thermoelectric, and provide the industry with excellent semiconductor thermoelectric TEC materials , modules and systems.


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