The First Conference and Innovation Technology Forum of Hubei Province Vehicle Regulation Chip Industry Technology Innovation Consortium in 2023 was successfully held in Wuhan

Release time:2023-07-24

On July 23, the first conference and innovation technology forum of Hubei Province's vehicle regulation level chip industry technology innovation consortium in 2023 was held in Wuhan. The conference consortium was established by Dongfeng company, and eight enterprises, institutions and universities were jointly established in May 2022. It is mainly committed to integrating the joint efforts of government, industry, university and research to realize the complete independent definition, design, manufacturing, sealing and testing of vehicle-level chips and the development and application of controllers. This annual meeting reviewed the charter of the consortium, reviewed the technological innovation achievements of the member units in the past year, released the development plan of the consortium, and announced the addition of 19 consortium member units including "Xinsaier Technology", 6 expert members, Further expand the joint research and create an "ecosystem".


Wuhan New Sail  Technology as a new member, to participate in the awarding ceremony


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