Wuhan Technology Transformation and Pilot Test Platform for Semiconductor Thermoelectric Chip | Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Wuhan University of Technology, 3 "Top-ranking" Projects Signed in 11 million Yuan

Release time:2023-05-17

Changjiang Daily Wuhan Client May 17On May 16, the Wuhan University of Technology Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Investment and Financing Matchmaking Conference (Science and Technology Park Special Session) was held in the Wuhan University of Technology Science and Technology Park. Under the witness of the leaders and guests, three "uncovering the list" projects were successfully signed on the spot., The contract amount is about 11 million yuan.

The three "top-ranking" projects are: research and development and application of key technologies for intelligent detection and evaluation of ultrasonic phased array based on AI in-depth learning; Artificial Intelligence Instant 3D Printing External Fixed Support System; Research on Key Technologies of Digital Content Production for Local Characteristic Culture.



"Unveiling the list" project signed.

"Under the scientific research leadership of Academician Zhang Qingjie and Professor Tang Xinfeng, the company uses thermoelectric conversion technology to realize the direct conversion of thermal energy and electric energy in the solid state. The operating cost is 30% lower than the market." The person in charge of Xinsaier said on the spot that high-end micro-thermoelectric chips were completely monopolized by foreign countries before, and Xinsaier's core technology for preparing high-performance and low-cost semiconductor thermoelectric materials is leading in China.

The Digital Communication Engineering Research Center of Wuhan University of Technology signed a contract with Wuhan Institute of Technology Digital Communication Engineering Co., Ltd. to promote the digital inheritance and development of Tibetan culture. Song Chao, director of the Comprehensive Department of the Research Center, introduced: "Based on the data processing technology of Wuhan University of Technology, we have cooperated with the Science and Technology Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region to digitize the local Tibetan culture, and derive and develop a series of cultural and creative products for cultural inheritance. The wings of industrial development."

Under the guidance of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone Management Committee and Wuhan University of Technology, this event is jointly sponsored by Wuhan Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Promotion Center, Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone Science and Technology Innovation and New Economic Development Bureau, Wuhan University of Technology Science and Technology Cooperation and Achievement Transformation Center, Wuhan University of Technology National University Science and Technology Park, and Wuhan Optics Valley Science and Technology Innovation Service Co., Ltd. General Manager of National University Science Park, Wuhan University of Technology Xie Chuangang presided over the meeting.

In his speech, Wu Chaozhong, vice president of Wuhan University of Technology, introduced the industry-university-research cooperation between the school and Wuhan City and Donghu New Technology Development Zone, and affirmed the role of Wuhan University of Technology Science Park in promoting the school's scientific and technological cooperation and achievement transformation. The goal is to build a world-class university with distinctive characteristics, guided by "big platform, big team, big project, big achievement, big transformation, strive to promote high-level scientific and technological self-reliance; emphasize that the school will strengthen the supply of high-quality scientific and technological achievements, further deepen the integration of government, industry, university and research, and deeply integrate into the scientific and technological innovation system of Wuhan and Donghu High-tech Development Zone, so that the school's scientific and technological innovation achievements can better serve Wuhan High-quality development.

The relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology believes that the school's scientific and technological achievements transformation model has advantages and influences. The school's high-quality scientific and technological achievements have cultivated a number of large enterprises with high project display and good transformation effects; and participated in the signing activities and project roadshows The representatives congratulated and said that they would organize and implement relevant contracted projects in accordance with the requirements of "new, true and practical; he said that Wuhan is speeding up the construction of a scientific and technological innovation city with international influence, and hopes that all parties will work together to make new contributions to the high-quality development and economic construction of Wuhan.

Zhou Tao, deputy director of the Wuhan Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Promotion Center, said that the investment and financing matchmaking meeting for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements will provide rich school-enterprise innovation resources and support for the city's scientific and technological innovation and industrial development. Focus on the superior disciplines of local universities, and work together to build Wuhan into an important carrier for the transformation of innovation achievements in central China, and help the high-quality development of technological innovation in the region.

The signing amount of the three "uncovering the list and being in charge" projects is about 11 million yuan. The team of professors of Wuhan University of Technology, as the "unveiling party", signed contracts with three science and technology enterprises in Donghu High-tech Zone, and the innovation consortium composed of science and technology enterprises in the high-tech zone and colleges and universities went out to "unveil the list", accurately docking, and speeding up the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities.

At the event site, three industrialization projects settled in the Science and Technology Park of Wuhan University of Technology and five projects supported by the school's 2023 interdisciplinary scientific and technological achievements transformation and cultivation project conducted roadshows, involving chip manufacturing, new materials, smart data, smart energy, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.

After finishing his postdoctoral work at Birmingham University, he returned to Han to start his own business. Leng Guanghui, founder of Guohui (Wuhan) Smart Energy Co., Ltd., said that large-scale heat storage and cold storage have only begun to be taken seriously in recent years. The company participated in the source network, lotus storage and assembled energy island project in Turpan, Xinjiang, realizing the "fresh-keeping" transportation of fruits from Xinjiang and "cold storage and cold transportation to the mainland in 4 days." Leng Guanghui introduced that the cost of new ceramic energy storage materials is 4 times lower than that of traditional heat storage. The company is currently focusing on improving scientific and technological innovation capabilities and market competitiveness, "continuously building a product and service system with ceramic heat storage technology as the core, and building heat storage The ability of system equipment providers in the field" strives for 50 million sales revenue.



On-site venture capital guest questions.

The representatives gave a comprehensive introduction to the on-site venture capital guests from the perspectives of project content, problem demands, and market prospects. Many experts conducted heated discussions with the report experts on project progress, problem demands, market prospects, etc., and shared insights for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

(Changjiang Daily reporter Wang Yang Chen Jie correspondent Zhan Pingwu)

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