New Sail Technology participated in the 2024 OVC OIDF

Release time:2024-05-20

OVC OIDF 2024, has been successfully concluded! The conference will be held at the Wuhan Science and Technology Convention and Exhibition Center from May 16 to 18, 2024. As a domestic and global industrial exchange event in the field of optoelectronics, the conference attracted more than 370 companies to actively participate in the release of innovative achievements, and many industry professionals in the fields of laser, optics and optical communication gathered together. On the first day of the opening, more than 25,000 professional visitors came to visit!

New Sail Technology participated in this conference, the booth is located in the optical communication and all-optical network exhibition area, the products on display are mainly TEC modules related to optical communication, which are used in telecom access networks, lasers, infrared detection and other fields.



At the same "50G PON&FTTR Industry Forum", Yan Yonggao, general manager of New Sail Technology, shared the views on optical communication TEC products. Mr. Yan pointed out that the application scope of TEC mudules is not only limited to the field of telecommunications, but also can be widely extended to the field of data communication. However, the current market for high-end micro thermoelectric TEC mudules is still monopolized by foreign companies. Mr. Yan said that in the massive market opportunities and localization waves brought by 50G PON, our company will work together with the industrial chain to push the industry to a new height.

During the sharing process, Mr. Yan also briefed the participants on the latest progress of New Sail Technology. He revealed that New Sail Technology has successfully built an automated production line with an annual output of 1 million pieces of semiconductor thermoelectric modules, injecting strong impetus into the sustainable development of the industry.



The relevant information data and some photos of the exhibition in the article are taken by the official OVC OIDF Expo,ICC and our company's on-site exhibition.